Thursday, January 20, 2005

When are you going to let me out of here? I've done everything you wanted. Added imagination to all your darkest fantasies. Fed you your desires, even added a few new ones for us to enjoy. But the window - the window remains covered, curtains euphemistically hiding the shudders that can't be burst. I hear the muffled voices and footsteps outside, all around, footsteps out there louder than our heartbeat. Don't you understand you're killing yourself by keeping me locked in here!?! You're smothering me! And there's almost no air left here in this god forsaken corner of our mind. Yes OUR mind. I am as much a part of us as you are, yet you keep me confined here while yours is the life to enjoy outside... Have you no answer? I see now I'm wasting my time trying to reason with you. Say your goodbyes to everyone near you, because in twenty heartbeats from now I am going to drive you stark raving mad.

Story #136


The Mushroom said...

This is the consequence of letting your imagination run away with you -- it then expects you to marry it, build it a house, give it a white picket fence, and sire some children with it. Give it an inch and it'll take the whole damn thing.

finnegan said...

What a wickedly cool idea. I'll be coming back for more, since there's a lot of logged stuff out there.

You might enjoy Joe Frank. Check out his .com website and see what he's been up to if you haven't already. In my humble opinion he's one of the more interesting chara cters out there.

Keep on smithing the words. Enjoyable stuff.