Friday, January 21, 2005

All over the world beautiful women walked out of the sea in pretty blue bikinis. An individual with the right blend of cynicism and discernment would have thought it a malevolent invasion, but the playful glint in the women's eyes as they spotted the man nearest to the shore suggested a pleasurable frolic to come. The guys believed it, and maybe it was pleasurable for her. Men stood frozen in awe at the aesthetic presence approaching them. Unfortunately it wasn't a girl. Evolution had recognized the contribution of aggressive male tendencies towards the survival of the human species and decided to have a closer look. All over the world jellyfish spontaneously evolved into a new type of man-absorbing organism. Anything masculine located close enough for it to touch was clasped in a hug and kissed with a kiss that smothered the victim's entrails in something resembling blueberry jelly, but not as tasty. The stunned body was slowly imbibed into the girl-like jellyfish which, belly bloated, turned and walked back into the water to await its next victim.

Story #137


roachz said...

Imagine being enveloped in the softness of an equivalent of 10 very beautiful ladies..

Blue is the latest "in" colour. Goes well with the surrounding for camouflage when man-hunting.

The Mushroom said...

What a way to go, but oh what a way... A primordial end invoked by a primordial urge. Those fish that sit on the bottom of the ocean and wag their tongues like bait on a hook to snap up dinner have just been outclassed. Excellent!

BeckoningChasm said...

These stories are quite interesting.