Saturday, January 29, 2005

Princess Azizama of Persia would go to great lengths to kiss a boy. She had willed herself to another millennium where she found herself on a beach. She enjoyed the light costume that snugly embraced the body she was just discovering, enjoyed the eyes of boys that gazed upon her in ways not possible when she was a princess in her time, protected by guards who would kill the bearer of eyes clandestinely viewing her. But here it was different - there were so many boys. How to choose one? If she could, she would choose them all, but wouldn't the first one she kissed become possessive of her? She despised possessiveness in boys. In response to that thought she danced freely on the shore, a dance of contentment. She would enter the waters of the sea, and let the waves lap against her blossoming form. For now the boys could look and she would dream.

Story #145

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The Mushroom said...

Dear Azizama: It's working. If you ever doubted that your plan succeeded, it has. But only on a small scale. To fulfill your plan, you must take off that shirt and shorts - you already have your bikini on so you're ready for the sun - and come hit the surf with me. You will fully realize your goal... but please don't forget about me if I am the first in line.