Saturday, January 15, 2005

Una: No, we won't let you out.
Dua: You stay there a while.
Teresa: We're going to watch you.
Una: Hungry?
Dua: Throw him a kiss, Teresa!
Teresa: There. Hope that keeps you for a while.
Una: It's all you're going to get.
Dua: But we do have plans for you.
Teresa: Yes, indeed.
Una: Probably not one of your, uh, wetter dreams.
Dua: Uh, no.
Teresa: We'll allow you to touch...
Una: Yourself!
Dua: But that's as far as it goes.
Teresa: Do what we want and we won't harm one of your curly little hairs.
Una: We're kind of the majority now.
Dua: No one's going to help you.
Teresa: You guys are all in pens like this.
Una: So if you want the species to survive...
Dua: You better cooperate...
Teresa: And fill the specimen cup...

Story #131


The Mushroom said...

You've been channeling my fantasies again, Indie. I told you before -- if you find yourself tuned in on my brain waves, don't TELL anyone! But then again, they say advertising pays.

Teresa, I will do what you ask. Could you lean down just a little further and hand me the cup... and don't straighten up immediately? You might be in charge, but I still need a little cleavage-based inspiration in order to follow your orders. I promise not to strafe you.

Indeterminacy said...

I sent the Spackle link to my best friend in the States and he wrote back "That's you, isn't it?". Maybe when I left American there was some kind of temporal distortion field, as they say on Enterprise, causing some kind of duplication. One of me landed in Germany and the other landed in Seattle. What grade school did you go to?

The Mushroom said...

I'm flattered someone could mistake me for you. Difference being how we obtained our photos (you: online - me: offline) and our writing style most of the time, oh and then there's that bit of geography because when you lived stateside two decades ago you were NOT on the West Coast. Usually people say I look like Bob Denver or Jim Carrey (one girl even said David Duchovne; I had no idea what she was imbibing in but I wouldn't mind Tea Leone making that mistake), not Doktor 'Indie' Mabuse. :) I attended Garfield and Mt Adams Elementary, your associate... did not.