Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Lisette could turn ice cream into men. She did it quite often to fulfill the hungers and cravings her body knew. She would retire to her room with a plate of ice cream, wave her hand over it, and the miracle occurred. Cold round scoops of delicious flavor transformed before her eyes into the sinewy muscles of manhood which came to life and wrapped arms around her. How warm the kisses felt contrasted with the cold feel of ice cream on her tongue! That morning a dream of one of her passions lingered in her mind upon waking. By midday the desires had reached a crescendo and demanded gratification. It was fortunate for Lisette that the magic possessed versatility. It worked in both directions. By repeating the incantation backwards she could also turn men into ice cream, which is what she had just done to Thomas.

Story #134


The Mushroom said...

You speak as though a woman turning a man into a pile of melting froth is unusual.

Anonymous said...

LOL.. Both powers are indeed very convenient!! M.P.