Sunday, January 09, 2005

Mark and Emilia often walked in their sleep. They rendezvoused secretly in the darkest hours of the night, while their deepest slumber hid the secret from their consciousness. During the daylight hours they were nearly strangers, mere passing acquaintances. They had never even thought of holding hands. But their sleeping intimacy rivaled the passions of lovers who desire with eyes wide open. Tonight it was time. They met at the hanger, down by the old airport given over to the hobby fliers. A four-seater awaited them. They boarded the plane. Mark set the flight automatic for their destination, a special place where only sleeping lovers could enter. As the plane lifted they shared a hug, slumping together into the passenger seat. The hum of the propellers lulled them into a deeper tenderness for each other than they had ever known. In the morning they would awaken, hands held gently. Someone would bring them a bouquet of flowers and tell them that they had eloped, an elopement so secret, that even they themselves had not known it would happen.

Story #125


The Mushroom said...

There will be no isolation
In our secret separation
You touched my heart so deeply
You rescued me... free me.
(I'll bear one precious scar that only you will know)
Passengers in time, free me.

--The Fixx, Secret Separation

The Mushroom said...
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Anonymous said...

I think these secret lovers could somehow stand for a pursit of happiness in a world where appearences do count more than real personalities. There seems to exist a sort of gap between them while they are awake and this gap is overcome when both are fast asleep and deep in a dream. At least they can be happy then! Great week to you! :)M.P.

arthur decko said...

nice story, i like this one.

Indeterminacy said...

Thank you. There has to be one with a happy end occasionally.