Monday, January 24, 2005

Tanya was made of candy and she came in a pink wrapper. But no one could get the wrapper off. It was worse than those vacuum-packed clear plastics that never seemed to tear no matter what you did. If only the wrapper had been clear, the guys would have minded less. They tugged and tore and bent it back and forth in hopes of creasing it, but it held steadfast. As the boys busied themselves with their nervewracking task Tanya merely grinned. She flipped her cotton candy hair and flashed her lemon drop eyes, making them want the sweet sugar taffy she was made of even more. It always ended in frustration for the guys. They'd strain their wrists trying, go away, and before the night was over, strain them even more, though they'd never admit how. The secret of removing the wrapper was so simple, no guy had ever thought of it. You just had to ask Tanya, and she'd remove it herself.

Story #140

Note from Indeterminacy: Thanks to Jess @ loves to go retro for her kind permission to use the photo!


The Mushroom said...

A woman like that can send a man into sugar shock.

But my solution is easier still: why bother unwrapping when there's plenty of tasty exposed surface to lick? Work with what ya got.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.. Sorry for not visiting for so long but have been going through sort of troubled times in my blog.. Had to reconfigure it all and now it seems there's something to making it get stuck while it's opening. I believe it must come from the link that tells me how many people there are online. Hope it'll be all figured out by the evening...
About your post, it only proves how simple femine logic is...LOL... Whenill males ever learn??? ;)A GREAT to you! M.P.

Indeterminacy said...

Hi M.P. I hope your blog is working now. I sometimes have that load problem with the dynamic map. I think their system has glitches sometimes. Also a friend of mine who didn't have the flash plug-in said the map starts up the install dialogue. I hate visiting a site and getting all these pop-ups asking me to install things. Sometimes they're even flagged as trojans. On the other hand it's nice to see who's logged on. What do I do?

P.S. Milan Kundera has figured it out: "Take off your clothes!" as he has the good doctor say to his women in "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"