Friday, January 07, 2005

It was a showdown. Steel nerves against steel nerves. But one of them would have to back down. Hiding her emotion she turned her head slowly to stare into eyes presented by her counterpart in the mirror. One of her was real and the other just a mere shadow in pale colors, destined to vanish the moment she turned away. But for one brief instant she wasn't sure which of her was the reflection. She knew, however, what she must do. She must have an original thought, and it must emanate from her. She reached into her imagination, deep down through murky mists, imaginary fingers tensed, straining to touch the solid depth where all the ideas lay. But her fingers felt nothing. In a sudden instant the entire glass of the mirror seemed to shatter into a splintery dust. The reflection lost again. Her real self had turned away just in time.

Story #123


Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Very creepy!!! I love it when you challenge the preceptions of reality!

Love and Light

M.P. said...

and she became her own reflection which was ready to haunt somebody else and turn him into another reflection of somebody else!... :)Have a GOOD weekend!