Saturday, January 08, 2005

Girl: Who are you and why are you standing next to me?
Boy: This writer guy told me to come up to you and put my arm around you. Whatever you do, just try to look natural. Smile.
Girl: Huh? What writer guy?
Boy: It was like a voice in my head. I couldn't resist.
Girl: What's he telling you now?
Boy: He's in a strange mood. He says you better keep smiling or he'll probably make the bread come alive and smear us with butter.
Girl: I have an idea.
Boy: Shhh. Better whisper it through your smile. He might otherwise suspect.
Girl: OK. On the count of three, we both turn around, scoop up all the rolls we can, then pelt him like crazy. While he's figuring out what happened, we run into the backroom and hide in the cookie dough together.
Boy: You're brilliant! Let's go.
Girl: One... Two... Three...

Story #124


Anonymous said...

GOOD MORNING!Thank you so much for your NICE words in my blog. Now there can be no way back and I really have to cope with the ever going trail I was pushed into...or when I see I can no more, I must be smart enough to just stop there.I also want to add that with you visiting and commenting in English spices up the love I have for your mother tongue and you're thus contributing to my English knowledge improvement what I have to be thankful for too.
About your post now:
I loved the idea of the writer's interaction with his characters! Most interesting is the wish of revenge towards the "creator"... and why not?
And I'll leave you know with another question: when then a book for real??
Great weekend again!

Anonymous said...

The previous comment was mine...M.P.

The Mushroom said...

Not the cheesiest pickup line I've heard, but better than some of mine. There are a few people calling homes and businesses, claiming to be law enforcement officers, who demand that women go to the window and strip. Strange part is, some do. Though I don't know about the 16 year old female restaurant manager who was told over the phone to perform an oral act on a coworker Or Else -- not the gullibility part, the sixteen and a manager part. :) But in your story the guy offers the line and the girl comes up with the plan, which has an ulterior motive: she's dressed for sitting the refridgerator case of the market, he isn't -- so she's gonna have to wrap herself around him to keep him warm. To quote the guy who will be on other side of her, the Pillsbury Dough Boy.... "HOOO HOOO!!":)

Indeterminacy said...

M.P.: I don't know when I might write something like a book. But I know that the process of writing these daily stories is good experience because it help's to focus on the details of one paragraph and the sentences that make it up, achieving a mood with as few words as possible, assuming that I succeed at all with these stories.

arthur decko said...

i liked it, and i know this has noting to do with anything, but that guy's shirt...that is the gayest shirt of tupac i have ever seen, he looks like he is posing for a gay ad.

your stories make me see the picture more in full, they compliment the pic, the make the pic come alive and mean something...that is pure freaking talent and magic.