Sunday, January 30, 2005

Two luscious ladies appeared on Phil's bed. "Touch us," they said to him. Phil thought he was hallucinating. Then he thought he was seeing double.
- "You are not seeing double. There really are two of us in your bed."
- "And we're waiting for you to touch us. But only one of us!"
- "And you dare not touch the wrong one!"
- "Something shocking will happen if you do."
- "One of us will disappear."
- "Yes, there will be disappearances."
Phil did not want either of them to disappear. He trusted his youthful virility to endure both of the erotic apparitions. Consequences never made Phil hesitate to take a chance so he reached for the girl who was more nearly undressed, taking her hand in his to pull her close to him. The other vision of beauty faded immediately and was gone, as if she had never been there. The feminine fantasy he had chosen assumed full, fleshy substance. She smiled at him and said, "My name is Dolores and I am a woman...", trailing off as if waiting for the affect her words would have. Phil lost himself for a moment looking into her eyes. His features softened. Then he felt the tightness of his erection constricting into itself, surrendering stiffness for an intense feeling of erogenous flesh drawn into flesh, forming a mysterious crevice where phallus had once been. At the same time female breasts budded and expanded on his torso, filling his shirt, the fabric brushing him in a way that aroused him further. Emotions of ecstasy overwhelmed him. In what felt like an orgasm, Phil had become a woman, but the lust for Dolores lingered strongly. Phyllis embraced her and began a kiss that would last well into the night.

Story #146


The Mushroom said...

Damn, now I gotta change my pants.

Somewhat of a twist on "The Lady Or The Tiger". Excellent photo, and a suitably enticing story to go along with. (And further proof that when a hot chick materializes in your life, she's either married or lesbian. In this case, that's not an obstacle if you're willing to change...)

roachz said...

Ahh.. gone wrong..

Indeterminacy said...

Who's to say? ;-)

birdwoman said...

OK, I'm usually pretty good at predicting where a story will go, but yours are pretty quirky. And this one was a complete surprise.

good blog concept!