Sunday, January 23, 2005

Crystal was having an avant garde conversation with a wall.
"Climb me," it told her.
"I think I'd like to crumble you instead," she replied coquettishly.
The wall remained steadfast, it was after all a wall: "Before the day is over I'll have you on top of me."
"No," she told it, flashing an indifferent look at its flatness, "Before the day is over I'll stroll around barefoot in your powdered rubble.
"Hmmm," the wall reflected to itself, though not stirring outwardly, "how about a compromise?"
"And what would that be, Mr. Bricks?"
The wall cringed at being called bricks, but continued humbly: "Just stand there and let me look at you for a while."
"All right, look at me. But don't let my looks fool you. I know how to operate a wrecking ball."
They continued their conversation in silent.
"I sure know how to wrap a wall around my little finger," Crystal mused.
"I really got her surrounded," the wall told itself.

Story #139


The Mushroom said...

If you ask me, the wall won that one. It got what it wanted -- Crystal meanwhile has only made threats. She might be able to dismantle a boy with that look, but she admits readily she needs heavy machinery to make any headway with her present adversary. And so long as the wall doesn't let on that it won, she'll stay there thinking she's got the upper hand; that's always the preferred way to win an argument with a teenage female.

sk8rn said...

She makes me think of the Stepford Wives.

Indeterminacy said...

Mushroom: Maybe the story should have ended with "I really got her cornered." Might have been more pointed.

Sk8RN: I never saw that. Now I'll have to. Thanks for the tip.

The Mushroom said...

Heh heh, good one. :-P

Cori said...