Friday, November 26, 2004

Marge invited her best friends over for a surprise. "I have a fairy tale cake," she told them, "it will turn each of us into a princess for exactly one year."

"Really?" they answered, eyes growing wider, "Where did you get it?"

"Never you mind," Marge told them, as she sliced through the topping and down to the base of the cake." She passed around the slices, giving her friends the instruction: "Think of the fairy tale you want to be in, take a big bite from the cake, and close your eyes. When you open your eyes you'll be right there for a whole year. When it's all over and you return it won't be but five minutes later." Marge waited until all her friends had disappeared before tasting her slice. After living happily ever after in the tale of Cinderella she found herself back in her living room together with the others, also just returned. An embarrassed silence ensued.

"We cheated," Linda told Marge.

"We didn't exactly think of a fairy tale," Laura continued.

"It was more like Lady Chatterly's Lover," Liza went on.

"We saw it on TV last night," Linda added quickly.

"Look, we want to do it again!" they all repeated in unison.

"OK, but this time take me with you," Marge replied as she pondered the switch from the metaphorical to the megaphysical, "I'll get another cake."

Story #90


The Mushroom said...

Now you know who in the group still played with Barbies. The others preferred GI Joes. :)

Cori said...

What tickles me about this post is... it makes me think of all the old wives tales concerning girls/women and... cake! For example... how a maiden/virgin should save a slice of cake from her friend's wedding and sleep with it under her pillow... I think this is a much better version! You are quite the feminist!

Indeterminacy said...

Cori: I wasn't aware of those old wive's tales, but I love to eat cake. There must be something to your feminist impression. That's what my muse kept telling me about the first stories.

Speaking of numbers. This is story nmber 90! Which is exactly how many stories John Cage used in the Indeterminacy recording. But I'm not finished yet. The John Cage site lists over 180 such stories: I'll tip my hand: my immediate goal is 360 story/photo combinations. One for each degree of a hopefully well-rounded circle.

The Mushroom said...

Nice analogy... I wonder where you got the idea. :-P

I know the old wive's tale about sleeping with a piece of cake under the pillow (as well as the one where the couple has to keep a piece and eat it on their first anniversary -- the bakery we got our wedding cake from gave a complimentary small cake on the anniversary for that purpose!). I just wonder who does the laundry. Sleeping on a pillow full of hop blossoms to inspire sleep I can understand (even if hops make you itch and sneeze)... but sleeping on cake? Princess and the Pea?

Cori said...

OOOO yes! There is also the tradition of baking a ring into a cake... but I'm frosty on the details. They all do seem to have something to do with gettin' hitched.

Congrats on #90!!!
(hoping it will never end! how else will I drink my coffee?)