Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Lisa loved to dance. She never talked. She just danced. Her way to meet someone new was to circle around the person, smiling and dancing. There was no need to give her name. It hung on a tag around her neck. Impossible to read, but at least she didn't appear entirely rude, darting around so close in someone's personal space. Sometimes the befallen ones tried to grab and kiss her, but they never could. She was too nimble and bent swiftly away from their approaching fingers as if she were a computer animation. Sometimes her dances grew daringly wild, stunning the one in the circle she danced. There was a secret way to tame her, but no one had yet found it out. You had to dance with her, even wilder.

Story #66


Anonymous said...

Dance with me
I want to be your partner
Can't you see the music is just starting
Night is calling and i am falling
Dance with me

chorus:Let it lift you off the ground
Stary eyes and love is all around us
I can take you if you want to go

-- Orleans "Dance With Me" (1975)

Anonymous said...

I would most certainly dance with her. Let the music play...

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Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

This is a very cool one Inde. A lovily lesson in the simplest answer is the most obvious and least likely to happen.

Love and Light