Saturday, November 13, 2004

It had all been so easy, the innocent favor for Satan in exchange for two boys, but now nothing was working as she expected. Upon materializing in her bed, Marco had struck up a conversation with the dazed Sergio who still could not understand how he had gotten there. It quickly evolved into a discussion of soccer. Marco was an ardent Italy fan, but Sergio argued the virtues of the Brazilian team. "Hey! I'm Italian! My parents are from Brazil!" she interrupted to no avail. Even the most erotic and yearning facial expressions could not penetrate their concentrated colloquy. What did you have to do to get guys to notice you!? Just then Satan walked in, emanating the air of a master maitre'd. "Everything to your liking?" he inquired politely, offering them ice creams he produced from a special cool box hanging from his neck. "No! No! Satan," she wanted to say, as a repulsive intuition flashed through her, but it was too late. The mental image of the girl licking an ice cream cone had given the boys an idea of something to keep her quiet while they continued their perpetual conversation.

Story #77

Note from Indeterminacy:
This is part three of a trilogy. Part one here. Part two here.


The Mushroom said...

Those preachers for the last four hundred years who blamed the sexual urges of young adults on the Devil obviously had things completely backwards. Who knew Beezelbub was trying to keep kids from getting laid? And was the only force with any success?
humming LaTour's "People Are Still Having Sex

Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Hmmmm I think this is the first trilogy you have done since I have been reading here. Nicely done.

Love and Light

Indeterminacy said...

Glad you enjoyed the story, Robyn. Yes, it's the first trilogy. Part one was written during vacation and I waited for the right time to post it, when it would balance out the other stories. Part two and three were the result of finding two photos shortly afterwards that fit brilliantly with the idea. Without them, it would not have been. Note: In the original Indeterminacy recording by John Cage one story was a continuation of the story before it.