Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It would be difficult recruiting three virgins for the night job but Satan had made a promise. The man wanted virgins and he wanted them every night, so that's what he would have. After all, he'd traded his soul for it. Satan gave a self-satisfied chuckle, well aware of the difficulties in finding virtuous girls. He checked his daily list, complete with half-life likelihoods for each of the entries, rejected outright most of the names before eyeing through the distance three girls who might still meet the criteria. The purity rings on their innocent looking fingers added an especially lovely touch. He clapped his hands together and they appeared before him. Appealing to their comic sense of schadenfreude Satan made his proposition. In return for their night of service, or rather lack of service while physically present with the contract partner, they would each be rewarded the next night with their choice of two boys from the other list. Satan warmed to the sound of the three voices toning their affirmation, and chuckled again at the brilliance of his business model. "Virtue has its rewards," he laughed jovially to the girls, enjoying his mood.

Story #73

Note from Indeterminacy:
This is part one of a trilogy. Part two here. Part three here.


TJ said...

hiya, just passing through. is that sara gilbert in the middle? : )

Indeterminacy said...

Hmmm. I'll have to check on that. Maybe I can get a link at her fan site.

The Mushroom said...

That's not Sarah Gilbert unless she's doing chemotherapy. Too wide in the face. Miss Gilbert played a doctor in a recent episode of E.R. so you can compare for yourself.
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You love her / And she loves him / And he loves somebody else / You just can't win... -J.Geils "Love Stinks"

The woman I was once engaged to asked what my deepest wish was. I said it was to awake to a new and different pair of breasts hanging in my face each morning. (She asked.) She wasn't very helpful at this pursuit, except for the ones which were attached to her -- a trick that by the laws of physics she could only pull off once.