Saturday, November 27, 2004

Agent Triple-Oh-Seven was investigating the disco when the soap bomb exploded. Evil demolition agents were bent on wiping out all the fun. During the past week it had been one terrifying near miss after another. They were the ones responsible for fixing his rifle at the carnival shooting gallery to explode cotton candy in his face. And the mere thought of the balloon vendor with the popping balloons made him jump. Twice. The high speed roller coaster chase had left him momentarily dizzy and the out of control popcorn machine at the Disney film introduced him to the joys of all the cheddared cheese popcorn he could eat. He gained three pounds. Agent Triple-Oh-Seven grinned. It was a good thing the evil demolition agents were clowns, someone might otherwise have been hurt.

Story #91


The Mushroom said...

As Mom always said, it's fun until someone gets hurt. And 0007 isn't going to get his eye poked out, but he does seem to have a wicked squint from getting soap in his eyes, you notice?

Clowns are evil. They make great demolition agents for that reason.

Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Did I mention that my first paying job was as a clown with Carson and Barnes Circus back in 87?? Mwahahahaha!! It is true!!!

Love and Light