Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Felix would do anything to kiss Mia, but having himself turned into a kitten was certainly an ingenious idea. He looked in the yellow pages under "W" for witch. "See under Wiccan," it said. In anticipation of the feline movements he would soon command, he allowed his fingers to slink across the pages to the entry. Madame Sybille's advertisement stood out, a specialist in animal primitivism who offered the additional advantage of nearby offices in an area with strict leash laws. He arrived at a waiting room filled to capacity, took a magic number, and waited for it to be called, not in the usual way, of course. When it was his turn, he faded out of the room and found himself in a darkened chamber, floor, walls and ceiling draped in velvet of deepest purple. Madame Sybille approached him holding a candle under her face, illuminating her features mysteriously.

"I am Madame Sybille," the ageless Wiccan introduced herself, "what is your desire?"

"To be a kitten," Felix answered, thinking how it would improve his chances with the beautiful Mia, who adored kittens.

"Ah, yes, the kitten does enjoy certain advantages with the feminine sex," she remarked to him in an offhand way.

Felix was impressed. She seemed to know everything that was in his thoughts. He worried how he could afford to pay her.

"You are fortunate," she continued, "your karmal insurance fully covers the first magical transformation. Shall I procede?"

"I am ready," he answered.

The unfathomable female applied her powers. He suddenly felt very purry. "Meow," Felix said trying to call out Mia's name, and slinked away to Mia's house where he scratched on her door to be let in. Felix stayed with Mia the rest of his life and could kiss her whenever he wanted. But it would have been much nicer with human lips and a human tongue.

Story #81

Note from Indeterminacy: This story is dedicated to Robyn.


The Mushroom said...

thought 1: Mia seems a little young for Felix... but Felix was apparently into kitties. He was still going to be several times Mia's age either way.

thought 2: Some people are cursed with a monkey on their back; Mia had a species on hers that was cuter -- though those little talons were less comfortable than a monkey's prehensile tail and grasping pre-hominid digits.

Cori said...

Fun, wonderful, twisted, and brilliant!
(I should prob buy the more expensive cat food..)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Inde. It is a wonderful story. You made me smile twice with this one.

Love and Light

Indeterminacy said...

Robyn, you're too kind. Next time I'll try for three smiles! I hope the story brought back nice memories of Raven.

Cori: You're too kind, too.

Flattery will get both of you everywhere.

Hobbes said...

Where can I get some of that Karmal insurance?