Thursday, November 04, 2004

Boy: Is it working?
Girl: No.
Boy: Don't you feel anything?
Girl: No, I don't.
Boy: But the book said we had to lie on top of each other.
Girl: Hmm. I'll try bouncing up and down a bit. Maybe that helps?
Boy: Hey that hurts! You wanna break my back?
Girl: I thought this was supposed to be fun. I think it's boring.
Boy: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I think I know what we're doing wrong!
Girl: Tell me?
Boy: You've got to lie so your legs are dangling over my head.
Girl: No way! I couldn't do that on the first date.

Story #68


Anonymous said...

Man and woman are driving along a country road. Woman turns to the man and says "Screw you!" They drive on for a couple miles, then the man turns to the woman and says "Screw you!" They drive into town, and the woman turns to the man and says "Screw you!" They drive through town and as they approach their driveway the man says to the woman, "Screw you!" As he unlocks the door, the woman says, "Ya know, Bob, this 'oral sex' thing isn't as good as I thought it would be."

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Cori said...

When you make this all into a book.... I promise to buy a coffee table. Brilliant!