Thursday, November 18, 2004

Her real name was Xrztzuum Brrrrrrqrriww, but since it couldn't be pronounced she used Lucy. Lucy couldn't afford to be conspicuous. She was a spy from Mars. It was bad enough having naturally red hair and fingernails among a population of blondes. Why had they sent her to Sweden? Nevertheless it seemed to be going well. On her first night on the planet a boy fell in love with her and gave her a teddy bear. The pullover she wore came from still another boy succumbing to instant infatuation. The silver earrings? Same story. Whenever she parted from a boy she'd met the first time she dutifully noted his name and telephone number in a little red book, while the boy immediately went shopping for some token of his esteem. Back home after a long night of socializing she sat unwrapping the latest batch of presents. Afterwards she called all the boys and worked out her surveillance plan. Monday night she would spy on Carrson, Tuesday night on Søren, Wednesday night on Nils...

Story #82

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The Mushroom said...

My, she's a bright girl... Hard to be inconspicuous when you're that luminescent. Wearing black isn't detracting from the glow, Lucy. Reminds me a little of a tall red-headed girl I went out with in high school, who years prior would go to the pool every day in an itsy bitsy teeny weenie purple floral bikini but her iridescent Irish skin reflected the sun rather than absorbed it. Good times.

And it's nice to know that girls can get into the act of voyeurism too. A refreshing switch, since you'd think that Carrson, Søren, Nils, etcetera would be swinging by her window after dark to see what they weren't getting for their investments.

All the boys think she's a spy
She's got Xrztzuum Brrrrrrqrriww eyes...

-- Kim Carnes, sorta