Friday, November 05, 2004

It was a scorching day on the planet Mercury. The sisters could feel the sizzling slivers of sunlight pierce into them, tanning them under their asbestos skin. "I want to go back," Mila thought to her sibling. It was too hot even for sound to carry. Mira answered with the image of their last visit to Earth, and the boy with the cold hands. Mila sighed. They both longed to shiver in the arms of their Earth boy again. "We will go back. Now!" Mira's mind telegraphed each syllable with dry deliberation. It was, after all, simplicity itself. They had only to imagine themselves with him, and so it would be. Thoughts began their cohesion, swirling ever swifter around the desire. Soon they would be before him. Somewhere on Earth, that sweet Eskimo boy was waiting for them in his igloo, dreaming. And he had lots of ice cubes ready.

Story #69


Anonymous said...

And the award for 'Best Use Of A Lens Flare (Not On' goes to... Mila And Her Sister! What's that? It was a real one, not fabricated by software? Is that possible??

The Eskimo boy (among others) dreams of their arrival for related reasons -- the Mercurians want a man with a cold embrace, the Earthling males want the touch of a woman whose ass isn't ice cold... as well as women by the pair.

Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Very cool Inde, or should I say hot?? lol. You have out done yourself

Love and Light

Cori said...

cherry flavored popscicles too?