Tuesday, September 21, 2004

In the future there were no more men! It had been a shock when the last surviving specimen had consummated the extinction of his gender. Exhaustion was the diagnosis, a consequence of services enjoying such high demand. Women were sad at first but continued their lives. Brilliant female architects conceived and erected obelisk-like museums to fill the need of nostalgia. There women could be reminded of how men had been. The man-models were so realistic women often found themselves climbing into bed with them. Then they had to giggle.

Story #40


Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

There is a book called "The Female Man" It was published in the early 80s. The men did die off due to a virus. It was interesting to see what women do 100 years or so after the men were gone. :)

ReaZ said...

lol that was pretty good, a little laugh before I head off to school lol