Monday, September 06, 2004

It wasn't easy being an angel, never sinning, never thinking an unholy thought, never having fun. It was especially difficult around beautiful women. The most unthinkable ideas popped into his head and begged to be contemplated. He would stamp down the lustful thoughts, but they bobbed back up again and acted out scenes from "Sex and the City." He could not ignore them. Finally he did the only thing he could reasonably have done under the circumstances. He threw his halo into the air and asked the girl to dance.

Story #25


Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

The song "Do you wanna dance" just flashed into my head. Your stories really do brighten my day and bring me a smile. Ok sometimes it is a wicked sardonic smile, but that counts right?

love and light,

Anonymous said...

that halo in the air, I love it:)

Anonymous said...

That's great!
All of your stories are good.
I get so sick of the intellectual web people who think they're the next ... some one.... They love to attack gods and people and things. They like cynicism for the sake of cynicism. They usually have some japanese sounding name, and a nietsche quote in their signature. They want desparately to be "thinkers" and "uber" and different and cool, but there is something fundamental that they just don't get. I find 95% of blogs and stuff on the web to be like that, 95% of the stories and fiction to be entwined with some bitter little agenda.
You belong to the other 5%.

Indeterminacy said...

Thanks Anonymous for those encouraging (and flattering) comments. It definitely helps me to better understand what it is I'm achieving, if anything. For better or worse, I do think that the stories up to now have built up something of an allegorical aura. I wrote one story on a decidedly topical theme but haven't posted it because it didn't seem to fit with the others. Agendas shift and change over time, and quite often the truth of two sides is somewhere in the middle. I want these stories all to be timeless.