Thursday, September 30, 2004

Since I got that chip wired into my brain I can have nine different emotions at the same time. It's so awesome. Before the operation I could only feel simple things. I'd be happy, sad, mad. But nothing in between. That made me really angry. With the chip I can match and merge my moods as I need them. If a guy I can't stand tells me he likes me I just press buttons 1,3,5,7 and 8 on the remote control. Then he goes away. If I'm crazy about him I press buttons 2,4,6 and 9. And he stays. If I'm fighting with my parents over a new boyfriend I press all the buttons at once. They freak and run into the bedroom. I feel the right stuff at parties, funerals, and concerts when the music is cool. But what do I do now? The neighbor's new garage door opener is on the exact same frequency as my remote control!

Story # 49


Anonymous said...

It is my sincere belief that cats operate on the same method. That sudden burst of alertness? Look out the window toward the neighbor's garage door. That mad scamper through the house? Look to see if the neighbor kid is playing with his RC car in the street. The sudden urge to go eat or how the kitty can loll around on the couch for hours? Someone flipped to the news or turned off the TV. The only problem here is, cats make sense in comparison to teenage girls.

Anonymous said...

One of the characters in Marvin's room also had a similar problem with garage door:))) but she wasn't a teenage girl, far from it;))
P.S. being an experienced cat owner I must say that I would never compare a cat to a teenage girl;)

Robyn said...

lmao. Yes those remote controls do have their hazards I suppose. Good one Inde. Love and Light.

Anonymous said...

I'll agree, K., but I won't elaborate because of all the totally intended double entendres I could produce (think: pussy[cat] licks you, but...). Cats however require a much lower clothing budget, and teenage girls seldom barf on the rug.