Friday, September 17, 2004

It had proven impossible to develop a totally effective anti-acne cream, so they gave up and tried something new. Why all the paranoia because of a simple pimple, anyway? Who said that had to be ugly? Why not make it fashionable to break out? So that's what they did. The millions of dollars slated to be lost on the elusive acne cure were redirected to the brilliant ad campaign to make it every girl's and boy's dream to have a face riddled from top to bottom with the misunderstood beauty marks. Ad jingles like "Don't Pop the Pimple Crop" and "The Zit's a Hit" turned into instant hummable earworms. And what if you didn't have acne? Or not enough? Now they sold cosmetics claiming to cause the blemishes instead of cure them. You simply dabbed the cream over your face wherever you wanted the little points to appear, took a nap, and in 24 hours you'd be the most popular boy or girl in high school.

Story #36


ReaZ said...

LOL that would have made High School a totally different place I figure lol.

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Indeterminacy said...

Blogiast: Your spam undermines my story!

Anonymous said...

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