Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hannah had a pair of x-ray glasses she wore whenever she had a boy in her room. "Ah what nice bones you have," she'd say. The boy usually thanked her for the compliment and hoped to initiate other matters, but she was only beginning. "Ohmigod, what IS that in your small intestine?" - she'd blurt out suddenly - "Maybe you'd better sit still for a while." After a time it became quite unsettling for the boy. "I wonder if that cherry pit is going to make it through the appendix," she'd speculate, and eye his abdomen with tense excitement. "Oh, this is going to be good!" she'd conclude with an expectant quiver in her voice. That usually got the boy to stand up and run to the nearest emergency room. Of course, if it was someone she really liked, she took off the glasses and kissed him.

Story #47


Anonymous said...

She does have something maliciously scientific in her face. She can be a very specific pain in the even more specific place;)

Anonymous said...

I forget who said it: Boys do make passes at girls who wear glasses, dependant on the frames.

And she's not the only woman who can see right through a man... or thinks she can.

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Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Well I guess that is one way to get a fellow you dont like out of your room. lol

Cori said...

Todays Horoscope:
"Some weird dark chick will fall in love with your blog"