Thursday, September 09, 2004

The outing had a very strict dress code, but with a view to impressing the females present the friends wanted somehow to retain their individuality. That was the problem. Men's wear just did not vary enough to distinguish one male from another, and without clothes they were all just a hearty salad of arms, legs, heads, torsos and other nondescript et cetera. Still the men tried their best. One wore white pants with white shoes, another wore white shoes with black pants, still another donned a white tie. A combination of red tie and carnation was attempted, as well as the obligatory checkered and striped ties. None of which did any good. Of course the most original one of the bunch was the fellow who dispensed with the tie altogether, although it wasn't the lack of a tie that stood him apart. He also happened to be wearing pink underwear, a discovery that no girl could easily forget.

Story #28


Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Very good one. I am chuckling before 8am. You did well.
love and light

Indeterminacy said...

Looks like we are making each other's day. :-)