Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Lisa was quite popular with the boys. Everywhere she went they would fall all over her. They gave her roses, they invited her to sodas, some of the braver souls even ventured a proposal of marriage. A month ago these boys wouldn't have been seen dead with a girl. But then, Lisa was no ordinary girl. She wasn't one to ever collect pictures of horses, or toy with Barbie dolls. Lisa was a girl whose father had traveled to Japan on business, and returned with a suitcase filled with Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Now she had the most powerful deck in the entire school, and a great future ahead of her. Lisa knew how to win friends and influence boys.

Story #34


Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Ahhhh the power of the deck. I remember magic: the gathering. I was very popular in collage. But back then I had designed and knew how to use the "quicker than instant death deck". I had lots of dates, mostly to play magic lmao.
love and light

Indeterminacy said...

It's odd, actually. I played Dungeons and Dragons in high school (late 70's) and had no dates.

Anonymous said...

I knew nothing about such cards when I was at school. But it was Poland of the 1980s. I knew nothing about dating either, but that had less political reasons behind it;)