Saturday, September 25, 2004

What if I hold this pencil? Does that help? Do I at least look like an author? I'm trying my most concentrated gaze. Is it intellectual enough? The glasses are in the right place, aren't they? Look, I know they're in the right style. I checked all the pictures. It's authentic! What if I think "Steppenwolf Steppenwolf Demian Demian" over and over? That must help! C'mon! This could be my big break, the one I've been working towards all my life. I just gotta win the Hermann Hesse look-alike contest. How will I ever face my creative writing class if I lose?

Story #44


Anonymous said...

Two days later, a certified letter arrived. He was excited until he read the contents:

"Dear Mr. Johannson: Thank you for submitting your manuscript to us. We appreciate your considering us for the chance at publication. However, our market research has determined that today's readers are no longer fascinated by 'Iron John'/Hemmingway genre writers. In fact, we've been having trouble selling anything by writers similar to LeCarre and Clancy in the last two years. Several of our best contributors no longer have viability, to our (and their) chagrin. Today's hot genre is work similar to Phil McGraw and John Grey, and if you are able to compose works of this nature then we want to speak to you. Otherwise, we wish you the best in your writing endeavors."

He put down the letter and asked himself what he knows about interpersonal relationships, and his head sunk to his desk.

Anonymous said...

Ok I admit it the post was funny but I lived the comment as well lmao. You guys crack me up sometimes.

Indeterminacy said...

Thanks unknown author for the continuation. I sometimes wonder what happens to my characters after I've finished with them. This was great!

Anonymous said...

Funny story, and the second story is such as good,too. I am only curious to know whether it's due to the food on the plate or his right hand in his lap that his belt is now open. :)


Indeterminacy said...

Could be he writes in the nude, and had just dressed himself for the contest, albeit rather shoddily. Somewhat as shoddy as this grasping at straws explanation ;-)