Friday, September 03, 2004

The two were now very accepting of their brother, despite his deformities. No, it had not been easy growing up with him. The nights of uncessant howling, his insatiable desire to play fetch and bury their dolls, the tearful bouts when he had bitten one of their friends. But now that they were older, they got along wonderfully. They went places together, had fun together. It was something of a symbiosis. The sisters often invited him along on evenings out, to take care of over-amorous dates whose advances they were not interested in. Few men are turned on by a dog humping their leg.

Story #22

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Anonymous said...

adorable:))) it made me think of a story I started writing some time ago and haven't finished yet, which in turn was inspired by a sentence I'd found in a book on linguistics. The sentences went: My brother thinks he is a chicken.