Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The girls employed at the Cranium Inc. head factory were gorgeous. They had to be, for the heads they manufactured must meet the highest standards of loveliness. The creations must be universally admired for their breathtaking beauty, and no two exactly alike. That could otherwise prove embarrassing. The finished heads were shipped via refrigerator trucks to plastic surgeons across the country, there to be selected by willing patients anxious to ultimately aestheticize their appearance but without the nuisance of semi-annual nose jobs. The ladies whose beauty had been enhanced in this fashion became hotly desired dates, as it was quite a boost in social status to be seen out with one of them. This you could always tell by the tiny label on the side of the neck: "A Cranium Creation."

Story #27

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Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Ok so I already have a great face. Where the hell is Bodies r Us. They can even stamp the logo on my ass. lmao great story.
love and light