Monday, September 27, 2004

He was devoted to the statue. The seductive aesthetic of her form, the numbing perfection of her proportions cast a spell that eased ever deeper into his soul. It stunned him the first time he saw her. He stared then into her eyes for what seemed like hours before finally gathering the courage to move closer and place his arm around her. It was a moment of magic. The cars driving by sounded like angels singing and he never wanted to leave her. But as he could not stay and she could not go away with him, they finally had to part. Following that first encounter he came to her at every opportunity, lovingly wiping the pigeon droppings from her unclothed body. Entire evenings found him there, sharing the quiet solitude of his thoughts with her, feeling himself drawn ever closer to his Goddess. It was a devastating shock that one day when he arrived and found her standing with another man.

Story #46


Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

hehehe ok that was good. even the statues cheat. not that she has any say in the matter mind you. still a wonderful image I must say.

Anonymous said...

By any chance, was that statue's name Galatea? There's just so many ways this story could dive deeply into Ovid's Pygmaleon even if the human lover didn't wrought her.

And he needs to be careful anyway, someone might accuse him of statue-atory rape. [ducking]

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Ryan Franklin said...

I don't care who you are that statue-tory rape joke was funny as hell. I get a kick out of your stories man, very creative. You should compile a book of all these :)