Friday, August 26, 2005

Until that morning Lilly had been one of the rose maidens, a fine, majestic princess of a rose. The morning dew coated her from stem to petals, causing a transformation to take place. She tumbled, tearing herself from the branch that held her. When she came to her senses she saw that she was human. She knelt in the soil before the bush of roses she had left behind, embracing it despite the thorns pressing into her. Suddenly an emotion of sadness overcame her, and she ascertained a different kind of dew welling into her eyes, moving in rivulets across the beauty of her countenance. She tried to recall her name, but it seemed to her that she had never known it. She looked at her hands and saw that her skin had begun to shrivel. She was growing old. She returned to the bush, and removed her most cherished companion from his place among the thorns. She brought him to her lips and brushed a kiss onto his tender red skin. Her wrinkles vanished. She was young again. But only for the fleeting measure of a summer breeze.

Story #273


admin said...

I ve developed a new technique now about reading your stories. I disable the images display before visiting this blog. Then I read the story and try to guess what the picture that inspired you would look like!

Have you ever thought of placing few pictures and letting us guess to which one the story is refering? Like a game.

Indeterminacy said...

That's a wonderful idea. The best ideas have come from people who read the blog. Not from me. Thanks for thinking of this!

Michael said...

She looked me straight in the eyes.
She wanted me to watch.

I could not resist her.
I was transfixed.

I watched the redness of the rose and saw her gently press it against her lips.
Was the softness of the rose caressing her lips or the sweetness of her lips caressing the rose?
Slowly she kissed the flower. Those lush lips forming a delicious pucker.
I swear I saw the tip of her tongue as she French kissed the petals.

I swallowed hard.
My heart beat soundly trying to exit my chest.
Sweat dripped from my brow.

Her gaze never left me.
Her eyes twinkled in laughter and the kiss turned to a smirk.
As my knees weakened she suddenly opened her mouth and bit the flower from the stem!

Michael said...

I like both of elevehat's ideas

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, Michael...
Hot. Hot. Hot.
Like Texas in August!

Unknown said...

This isn't really the point but that is one pretty lady. Sorry, I must be a little shallow today.

GPV said...

Well, I'm a little jealous,as you know I'm a frog and all frogs in frogland wait to be kissed by a fair maiden in order to become a
handsome prince.Now;what's going to happen to us frogs if fair maidens start kissing rose buds,geraniums,daisies or forget-me-nots.
I tell you it's not right, if it's the new trend and if it lasts then we're bound to stay frogs forever.

Holly Pepperoni! I WANT TO BECOME A
HANDSOME PRINCE!! Stop kissing vegetables, fair ladies,have mercy.
Direct from the pond,GPV.

actonbell said...

I'm in awe of that story! Excellent. It would be great to be able to write, but I'll settle with enjoying it:)

Jamie Dawn said...

Lovely story.