Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm going to pass you around to some stand-up comics today, to some posts that caused me to break down laughing.

First there's Tina Dupuy's "No one ever went broke" at her Sardonic Sideshow site.

Then I'd like to show you Tony Calabrese's classic classic "Miracle of Bookstar" at his Fuggettaboutit blog.

It will be a miracle if you can visit these two sites and not laugh. I will be back next week posting stories. We'll see what I post tomorrow ;-)

P.S. Would any of you be upset if I got one of these google ad things at my blog? I don't expect to make any money, but I'm thinking it could be hilarious the way the adbot software selects ads based on keywords in the stories. What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

Whoahaha, I love that "Miracle of Bookstar"-story. Thanks for linking.

AdSense: What better way is there to support a site a like than seeing what's behind the AdSense-ads?

AdSense-Preview for your site

Indeterminacy said...

I'm somewhat impulsive. I went and signed up. Now my site is awaiting approval.

Unknown said...

I have adsense on my professional blog. It is solely for entertainment purposes but works very well for that.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I enjoy the ad on my site and think it adds a lot. I especially liked when I posted a picture of Blochalela in bed with a stuffed shark and they had an ad for "black Christian singles."
I like those links. I had seen the Bookstar one before.

admin said...

Google ads are ok, maybe you ll even earn something. I often click on google ads when I see them in good and useful sites, to support the authors.

Courtney said...

Go ahead. It doesn't hurt anything, and you might make a few cents. :)