Friday, August 05, 2005

Erotian women were rumored to possess extraordinary beauty, but no one from the outside world had ever seen one of their faces. The tiny republic with ancient roots lay hidden in the Arabian peninsula, owing to an incredible labyrinth of coincidental sand dunes so elaborate that anyone venturing unawares towards the kingdom must surely have perished. The walled city was accidentally discovered by archaeologists excavating a series of antique statues in the region.

When King Asudem opened his land to tourism, men flocked over the border in droves to see the heralded beauties Erotia had to offer. But the King issued a decree that no woman of the Erotian lands should ever show her face to a non-Erotian. Feet were OK, legs and shoulders were also on the white list, even the midsection with its delicate navel and incurving lines. But not the head. It was a fair compromise, especially on the Erotian beaches, plus the King distracted the tourists with other sites of interests, the Museum of Sculptured Art, for example, where guests marveled at ancient relics of past millennia.

Regarding the quest for beauty, most visitors went home happy with the memory of smooth legs and huggable waists presented by the native females. It had been a stroke of genius of the Information Minister, spreading those rumors. No one would have come had they known the women were all descendants of Medusa.

Story #262

Note from Indeterminacy: Tomorrow I'll post a storyless photo for one and all to write their own stories to. For now, how about visiting Michael at who does the same thing on Fridays.


Argimpasa said...

hey, I took the challenge just for fun, I`m your blog`s fan since lately -))
it`s pretty late up here and I gotta go sleep before the results of the battle, good luck! -))

Indeterminacy said...

Yes, you're a few time zones into the future compared to West Europe. Pleasant dreams!

The Mushroom said...

Hmm, this must be what The Three O'Clock was singing about in "A Day In Erotica". But the country sounds like a great place to set up a paper bag distributorship.

Michael said...

Janet and Jessica were twin sisters. They were cute twin sisters.
They had been going out with two boys Jim and Tony for two years now. Double dating and just generally hanging out together. The girls had been talking about how often people got them confused even as the boys remarked that they could easily tell which girl was which. Janet and Jessica insisted that it was only because of the small mole on Janet’s right cheek that made the difference. Without that clue the boys would be mixed up all the time.

Jim and Tony moaned in response, “No it’s your personality that makes it easy to tell you apart”

They proceeded to tell them that Jessica was a bit more laid back. Janet was a bit more tense with things but could easily giggle when pushed over the edge.

The girls weren’t buying it.

“If you couldn’t see our face, you couldn’t tell us apart even asking us questions”

Slowly the girls devised a plan that would tests the boys. We’ll hide only our faces behind something and then see if you can tell us apart. The beach chairs had a sun shield that would work beautifully.

“So you won’t know by how we are dressed, we’ll go change into a bathing suit. Red or blue, you’ll never know who’s wearing which”

The girls were ready and directed the boys to come over and tell them apart. “You can ask us questions if you want but nothing only one of us would know”

Jim and Tony looked at each other and then said in harmony, “Don’t need to”

They both reached done and tickled a foot and as Janet squealed they both said, “Janet’s in the red suit”

Jessica bolted from behind the sun shield and glared at her boyfriend Jim wondering how he knew Janet was ticklish.

Ghone said...

Clever idea for a blog!
I'll be back here many times I'm sure.
Thanks for the kind comment on my blog.

Erika said...

Have I mentioned that I am terribly enamored of you? Probably. That's just so very boring. When I have soemthing new to say I will immediately post it. But for now this will have to do.

Indeterminacy said...

Hi Erika! You told me that, but I needed to hear it again. This morning I was at your blog and saw a picture of you with another man! I was devistated!

Indeterminacy said...

Just curious, did anyone notice anything about the King? I thought it was a dead giveaway, but I went with it anyway. Then again, very few people found the jelly beans that Retarius posted once ;-)