Friday, August 12, 2005

Someone invited a car seat to the beach party. No one was sure who was responsible. It hopped around, flirting with the ladies, brushing up against them with its soft upholstery, inviting them to recline in its splendor. "I'm adjustable," it told them. "You can mold right into me." But the ladies declined the offers to flop onto the seat. Not that they were prudes. This type of experimental interaction was one they would have preferred to the privacy of a locked bedroom, where no other eyes could see them. "Please!" the seat persisted. "Let me wrap my seat belt around you." Firm no's rained down upon it. As the party progressed and more and more guests spilled beers onto the cushioned piece, it became bolder, finally pinning one woman against a tree, pressing its back onto her. "This feels so good," the seat said. "From now on, I will never let anyone sit on me in the conventional way."

Story #267


Jamie Dawn said...

Hasn't that seat ever met a girl seat? He may have better luck with his own kind.

The Mushroom said...

If I were in the seat's position, I'd never go back to ordinary again either.

If I were in the girl's position, which doesn't look comfortable, I'd say "intreguing, but I think we're doing this wrong." Unless it was a vibrating seat. Then I'd never go back to merely lounging again.

And Jamie -- the problem with hooking up with a girl seat is that this can create baby seats. And as a mother of two, you knew awhile back what a pain in the ass those can be to work with. :)

still life said...

what i find surprising is that this appears to be a front seat
i would expect this kind of behaviour from a backseat...but never a front and where is his plastic seat cover!

Elli said...

maybe it's the outfit ;-)

Edvin said...

I´ve been intrigued by this:
"...finally pinning one woman against a tree, pressing its back onto her. ´This feels so good,´ the seat said."
Well, I´m going to suggest this to my wife the next time. :-)