Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The party in OP had everyone in stitches. The nurse shed her sterilized whites and began dancing on the instrument counter. Dr. Indigo injected 300 CCs of adrenaline into the stupefied patient and hooked up the heart monitor to the intercom, flooding the clinic with a wickedly cool techno beat. Someone broke into the medicine cabinet and started passing around the stimulants, while someone else set the x-ray projector on strobe. Everyone who wasn't unconscious moved to the beat. Nurses popped into the waiting room to lure fresh blood into the party. Dr. DJ stepped up and played the latest tunes of the dance genre "medical" which he carried around on his iPod and listened to during surgery. Between midnight and morning couples drifted off to secluded corners of the facility for intensive care consisting of mutual sponge baths and massages. It was good, healthy fun. The next day was spent in ciphering the expenses into convincing labels like "Left-Dorsal G-Scan" or "Protein-X Supplementation" and slipping them into the various bills.

Story #271

I dedicate this to all the brave nurses out there who have to look at us when we're sick. And especially to Sk8-rn.


Tom & Icy said...

That's a "Hospital Happening" with the "Rockin Doc."

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that one. You never cease to amaze me.

sk8rn said...

Wow. I'm so amused to have inspired such a great story and am tickled by your dedication. Yeah, I'm still out here. Silent, but alive. ;-) Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying your blog. Great posts!

admin said...

I read this story without thinking about your vocabulary or structure. And I always observe how a story is written when I read it. Strong plot that made me forgot the rest! Thumbs up!

The Mushroom said...

Welcome to Disco Hospital! Where they play Dr. & The Medics "Spirit In The Sky" and Thompson Twins' "Doctor! Doctor!" to chill between the techno grooves.

"Doctor, doctor! Bring me a nurse!" - Mick Jagger

GPV said...

Does sound as a Dr Feelgood story,
it sure would send General Hospital's staff a rockin'an a bopin' sho'enuff.

Jamie Dawn said...

Based on the medical bills I've received, that all sounds about right.

Cooper said...

Whatever you are drinking/smoking......I want some.

Cool story.

Unknown said...

Indie, I do think you're getting edgier. Regarding your response to my comment yesterday, no modesty from you, sir. Ave!

My verifier word:
aoruaptv, n. A television channel broadcast into the Eurozone by Lithuania just prior to invasion.

Anonymous said...

Quite a good story. Weird, but good.

Thanks for popping by the tree house, it's always nice to meet new people.

A Little Bar of Soap said...

I see you're back with your filth...

Indeterminacy said...

Tom&Icy: I'm sure the vets are pretty cool, too.

Lolly: Thanks. I'm still wondering how long I can keep this up.

Sk8rn: I'm glad you're around the Internet. It'll be great when you start blogging again.

Easywriter: Thanks very much.

Elveshat: I wish I knew what the secret ingredient was. I'd do it more often.

Mushroom: I'd be happy if they had better music in the waiting room.

GPV: Those hospital soap operas should try out stuff like this. Maybe during a ratings drive.

Jamie: How'd you like to et those medical bills written in German?

Alice: You'll be shocked, but I don't smoke and I hardly every touch alcohol, except on rare special occasions. I'm clean enough to marry Little Bar of Soap!

Doug: Edgy is one of those new words I think that came about while I was living oversaes. But I hear it a lot and I know it's good, so thanks.

(I got Mlxqlntz: it's a milk-based drink with a mint flavor, a common drink on The Alien Guy's planet)

Old Guy: I've been reading your stories off and on for a while. You have a great site.

Little Bar of Soap: I don't make judgements about what's going on. (I think the Bible says you're not supposed to). I just report what happens.

Courtney said...

So that's what goes on once the put you out?!?! I always wondered.