Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It was like this, you see -- What? -- For the deposition? -- OK, my name is Matthew Lovings and I work as the security guard at the Young Fashions Boutique. That's how I first met her. She didn't have a head like other mannequins, but I believed in her. There was something special about the way she modeled those t-shirts. -- What it was? The body language, I suppose. She just seemed so inviting the way she stood there, arms hanging by her side and all. After noticing her, I started going to her during my daily lunch break. I'd sweep aside that stack of t-shirts at her feet, sit down, and work through my lunch box. -- No, I never heard her talking to me. She's shy like that, being headless and all, but I started reading to her, inspirational works, something to build her up, like "The Little Engine that Could" or Dale Carnegie. She's a great listener. -- Yes, I'm sorry, I'll get to the point. -- Yes! Of course I know how to use a gun. -- Why I didn't? When the gangsters rushed into the store I sensed instinctively that she needed me. Those guns pointing and those voices shouting not to move terrified her. The emotions inside her were tearing her apart, and without a head to think it all through she started trembling on that platform and wobbling from side to side. I had to go to her. To calm her down. Those gangsters told nobody to move. They would have harmed her. I don't remember much more. I guess that's where you must have found me, on the floor with her, embracing her tightly, whispering words to her I can't recall now. So, what did the doctor say? Are they going to let me go home soon? -- I see. But it's awfully decent of you to put her in the same room with me. We need each other.

Story #260


Jamie Dawn said...

Too bad she doesn't have ears to hear him read to her. I'd say he's a teeny tad itzy bitzy bit off kilter.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love your wrtiting. Seriously, I wish I could write like that. Thanks again and again!

M.P. said...

Two headless beings? Which was more headless she or he?? In a certain waythey seem to have been made to each other...Great imagination!! Congrats!:)**

Cooper said...

Kudos to your imagination my friend, we should all be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

That was sort of poignant, even though he had obviously lost his head over her. I liked his choice of literature.

The Mushroom said...

exhibit 132:

CJ Jennison (American, 1967-)
Modern Youth #2

On loan from private collection

Indeterminacy said...

Jamie: Maybe I was too subtle about the madness. Did you say a little?

Dushan: Thank YOU Dushan. You and your Soulkin have really great blogs and I'm glad I found them. It will be great if we can learn from each other.

M.P. & Weirsdo: Would you believe I did not notice that aspect of things. That guy has figuratively lost his head.

Alice: I think imagination is just learning not to stop your thoughts from where they want to go. I don't think there are people who can't do that. There are people who don't try, surely. Maybe they're afraid to or don't think they can for some reason.

Mushroom: Nice comment. Really got me thinking.

Everyone: I have a few monologue stories like this, and I'm always trying to imitate the style used by Wyllis Cooper in the Quiet Please series. If you've never heard of it, go check it out. I've mentioned this before, but this is a good time to repeat it. That late 1940's radio series is brilliant in so many ways. At the site you can download most of the episodes in mp3 form.

fluff said...

I'm so relieved they didn't take her away from her! when was reading what happened, I thought he'd lost her for a moment! that'd have been really bad.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, very interesting!