Sunday, October 31, 2004

Something odd was going on in the dressing room. A crazed woman stood there wrapped in her winter coat, telling everyone who might venture past her into one of the booths, "You can't go in there." Her slow and deliberate manner of speaking dripped of impending doom. No one dared challenge her. They called the police, but by the time they arrived she had somehow managed to blend in with the confusion she had caused and vanish completely. None of the witnesses could say exactly when or how. When they entered the booth she had so rabidly guarded they found her coat lying in a heap on the floor. No explanation of the incident was ever found. She might have been a ghost.

Story #64

Note from Indeterminacy: A Happy Halloween to All!

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Hobbes said...

I think it's something funny about the coat. Look at all that yellowy fur. I bet it's possessed by the spirit of some sort of dead or synthetic animal and bewitches people who try it on.