Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The two time travelers were on a brief excursion into the early 21st century. After taking in a Disney double matinee of Finding Nemo and The Lost Empire they shared a candlelight dinner at a popular seafood establishment of the day. At an Internet cafe they surfed history sites deep into the night. The subsequent day was devoted to shopping. By sunset, all the money they had received in exchange for their gold was spent. They took a long, last walk along the oceanside, watching the eternal waves engulf the sun and slowly give rise to the living stars. They exchanged a thoughtful glance, glowing gradually with the awareness that it was time to go home. Yes, the 21st century had a lot to offer, but so did their age. Their trip ended with the usual trouble of closing and sealing the coffers filled to bursting, this time with the finest in men's swimwear and the sexiest in ladies bikinis. The yellow-green hues of the time essence flickered as Heronikus and Isyka returned to Atlantis.

Story #60


Matt the Hat said...

Hey that's very witty. You have a great "thang" going on here. Keep going I think I'll come back again soon as it was THAT good here, thanks.

Indeterminacy said...

Thanks Matt for that nice feedback. This Web statistic I use shows me the referrals and I know that not everyone who finds the site decides to returns, in fact, most probably don't. But that's OK. I know I have a warped imagination sometimes and its products have no chance of appealing to everyone. But I am also glad to know I've found some regular readers who appreciate and/or share the same wavelength, as well as forgiving me when I come up with a clunker.

Princess Haiku said...

This story has beautiful imagery in it, Indy. Well done.