Friday, October 22, 2004

Girl 1: Come into the water.
Girl 2: Oh yes. Do come in. We're nice girls.
Girl 1: We won't bite you
Girl 2: Of course not. And we won't try to dunk you.
Girl 1: No, not us. We're not strong enough.
Girl 2: Not nearly as strong as you. We're so vulnerable.
Girl 1: Yes, I'm sure we three can have a lot of fun together in the water.
Girl 2: If my bikini happens to slip off, you will look the other way, won't you?
Girl 1: That's been happening a lot lately. I keep telling her to tie better knots.
Girl 2: Oh, do come in.
Girl 1: Yes, do.
Girl 2: Well, aren't you coming in?
Girl 1: Aren't you? Please don't leave.
Girl 2: Damn! He's leaving!
Girl 1: Someone must have tipped him off.
Girl 2: Oh, how will we ever get our pet shark fed?

Story #55


Cori said...

he he he!

Anonymous said...

I always knew girls were evil and up to no good. And worse yet, they have cooties. And it's so hard not to look at them in those swimsuits, they're like sirens to mariners. I hate it how they're so pretty that you want to talk to them, and their laugh keeps you standing there, and then when you touch them they're so soft... Girls are evil. Avoid them if you can.

Anonymous said...

hilarious comment! and especially looking at the faces of those two!


Indeterminacy said...

I think girls work like the Oedipus curse. The more you try to avoid them, the sooner you will be involved with one, and completely at her mercy.

Anonymous said...

Whatever propogates the species, my man. :)

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