Saturday, October 23, 2004

Everyone at the beach ran screaming as they saw the shark. Not only was it a killer shark, it dashed out of the water and commenced chasing people on legs it had somehow managed to evolve. It also brandished a submachine gun in arms just as perfectly evolved, if not somewhat skinny. The ambidextrous hands seemed dangerously capable of pulling the trigger. Upon closer inspection it turned out not to be a shark at all. It was an unfortunate vacationer who had gone off balance after a harrowing assault with sand. The Charles Atlas Fitness method hadn't helped him so he got himself a shark suit and a gun. Fortunately the automatic weapon had been rendered unusable by the salt water and the costume restricted his movements. The girls who had run screaming returned and kicked sand in his face.

Story #56


Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Its always the little nerdy guys that end up trying to kill folks. I wonder how stable Bill Gates eally is?? Hmmm

Love and Light

screwdrivers suck said...

amazingly the nerd wasnt arrested and is he in fact an evoulved man in a shark suit?

Anonymous said...

He only wants to be loved, in the worst way. But like many scrawny guys who are overlooked by girls, he has to overcompensate to be noticed -- and the 'notice' isn't in a positive way. But it's not a loss since the girls did come back, in their bikinis, and pay some attention to him by kicking sand in his face. He was humiliated and yet gratified... dateless still but pretty girls did talk to (okay, scream angrily at) him for once.