Saturday, October 30, 2004

Why do these young people take the bus anyway? Don't they get cars from their parents for birthdays?......I knew I shouldn't take this damned bus, wasn't it like "the journey is the reward," well thank you God! This way it's hell!......We'll see Dolly how well you like it when you're seventy, have gout and rheumatism and some girly takes YOUR seat in the bus......Do they have to push all the time, so I've got the seat, they didn't, bad luck......I hate that when she starts telling me about her grandchildren. How long was the ride suppose to be? Oh, woman, your granddaughter is not bright, she is a little bitch and your grandson is far from gifted, he is just a spoiled punk...... Well! Don't I look just great in my new hair cut! I wonder, why has she fallen asleep? She must have seen me, when she got on the bus......What is this? A senior center excursion or what? I'm trapped in the back of this damned bus, help!...

I am the sun. I give you warmth, energy - I give you life! You have worshipped me. I was your God and Goddess! I am the power your existence depends on, since I can also destroy you! I am your "to be, or not to be!" But these millions of years glowing, exploding and shining were exhausting. I need a break. I am tired - please, let me sleep - that is the least you could do for me. And shut up!

Story #63

Note from Indeterminacy: For this story my muse acted as author and I acted as muse.

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Anonymous said...

The trip wasn't merely "over the river and through the woods", but Nikki figured that if she played asleep for the next 800 miles she might be able to handle the trip to Grandma's house afterall. The problem was that everyone else on the bus was going to see Grandma as well -- and she knew that if she got up to go to the bathroom, some batty crone was going to take her seat then give her a lecture about 'respecting your elders' as justification if she complained.

She just hoped she could hold her bladder until it was their naptime. They're old, it's afternoon, surely naptime must be soon... She came to regret bringing a one-litre bottle of soda on the bus with her three hours ago, and unlike her dopey brother in the seat ahead of hers she couldn't just 'sneak a leak' back into the bottle. The thought did cross her mind, though, every time they went over a pothole.