Thursday, October 28, 2004

Silka had always felt there was someone out there watching, surreptitiously studying her from behind the windows or some hidden peephole. She never felt alone. On the streets she was prone to cast nervous glances behind her in hopes of catching whoever it was stalking her. She never could. Nights, before undressing, she drew the curtains in fear of telescopes and night view binoculars, then searched the room for hidden Webcams. Nightmares of lustful eyes bobbing around her permeated the cold sweat of her sleep. One day, just by accident, Silka unintentionally discovered the first proof that it was all true, and the realization shattered her psyche. A random link had drawn her to the Indeterminacy blog and this very story about her. She clicked it away and turned to run.

Story #61


Anonymous said...

"Nightmares of lustful eyes bobbing around her permeated the cold sweat of her sleep"
When I read this sentence an intense need to learn it by heart came to me like a huge wave:)

Indeterminacy said...

But I hope you do not start to have nightmares like this. The sentence was born at 3 AM. I had the photo for more than a month and wrote a story to it about how she crashed the Internet and didn't know what to do next. But I didn't like the story because it got a little into moralizing, so I waited for a new idea.

Speaking of eyes. There's a horror story by Gustav Meyrink about a professor of Egyptology who falls into a trance and walks into a mysterious mansion, into the dark cellar and feels his way around. He finds some kind of weird plants growing there and starts to feel them. Their fruits are soft and moist. He lights a candle and sees that they are eyes, thousands of them, all turning to look at him and the light. The story is in German - one day I'd like to translate it.

Robyn said...

Well now that was a very cool story. *unplugs her web cam and backs away slowly* lol

Cori said...

I Love This Blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Silka, it's all just paranoia, no one is watching you. Silly!

Uh, don't slouch. And could you move your chair another inch or two to your right? Better. Has anyone told you that you have very nice eyes? And really, use a tissue, not your finger!

What?! Those are just suggestions, it's not like they're based on anything factual. You're such a worrywart. Never mind, just carry on with your day.

Sk8RN said...

I think it's the little bit o' paranoia in me that found this posting hysterically funny. Thanks for helping me find humor in my neurosis. Though honestly, I am not nearly that bad... I hope not. Wait, am I? ;-)