Sunday, October 24, 2004

Pamela had developed a severe paranoia. She believed there were hands behind her, poised to grab her head and run away with it. It was futile to turn around and bite at the waiting fingers. There was never anything there. At least not anything she could see. But that did not fool her. The hands were real, belonging to an invisible being from Planet X. She was certain of this. The psychiatrists loved Pamela's condition, the way it was so easy to diagnose. The joke, however, was on everyone. Invisible beings from Planet Y, always happy to irritate and thwart the plans of their enemies on X, had abducted Pamela one night, hypnotized her, and bolted her head securely in place.

Story #57


ReaZ said...

You have spoken the secrets of the war between planet X and planet Y. I am afraid your head must be stolen now.

Anonymous said...

The woman behind Pamela needs to adjust her clip -- it's slipped off her navel, thus her entrails will be spilling over Pamela's right shoulder within seconds. And trust me, that is NOT romantic.

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