Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ha! You think you're going to hear a story about me but you're wrong. I knew exactly what he was up to, eyeing me like that, trying to conjure up his fantasy. I focused my mind and stopped him with my look. He won't think a complete sentence for hours. Nobody's going to do that to me. Not even in their imagination. He was messing with the wrong girl. Pictures aren't always harmless, you know. But I think you and I might get along together. For example, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes you are. I can tell by looking at you. The same way I did with him. I sent him to bed. But without his decadent daydream. And now, if you would step to one side of the frame with me...

Story #59


ReaZ said...

That's sort of frightening. Both the story and the picture lol.

Anonymous said...

Austin would have known she was a fembot if he'd only done some foreplay...Yes, one could possibly come up with some great fantasies regarding her. She can really inspire a man to.... er, what was I saying? My mind went blank there. Welp, time for me to turn in. G'night, all!

« mush » Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul

Indeterminacy said...

You see, Mushroom, you CAN do this every day!

Anonymous said...

But I wouldn't want to.

Er, well, maybe I would. But I don't even update the Daybook on my site weekly!

Anyhow, someone had posted on 10eastern that the site must be fake because of all the photos of guys in women's underwear. No way could so many embarassing pictures exist.

And then my bride brought home a photo that evening of a guy asleep in a camosole on a couch, which one of her coworkers at the library found. It was developed in August of this year, that's all I can derive from the back.

Now the 10e Forum is missing, hopefully that's a temporary state.

Patterns are everywhere. « mush »

Anonymous said...

...article numbers changed, bookmarks no longer worked, all is fine, no crisis, heh heh. «m³»