Friday, May 27, 2005

Today's story will be delayed a few hours due to ongoing negotiations with Pansi of As I posted in my comments section, I have photographs incriminating the whole of Barbiekind. All I want in return for not using these photographs is a small favor, a favor which should pose no problem to someone like Pansi or Doodoo man or whatever else those things over at Pansifiles are called. These are disgusting images depicting Barbies seducing and corrupting underaged boys and girls. They are in flagrant violation of international law! All I want for not posting them is a wild night with Betty Boop. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Bambi commented:
Mr. Indecency:
President Pete wishes me to infirm you that you are a evildoer and an enemy of the state.
Even if you were not, Miss Boop has been retired since 1939, and if you were any respector of age diffrences you would understand how unseamly you're request is, in any case the terms of PANSI's contract expressly forbid any business dealings involving rival intertainmant figures.
Even if the pictures to wich you alude proove to be genuine, which I doubt, Naked Gymnastics for JESUS is not responsible for the behavior of Barbies who are not cast members.
Do you're worst!
Sincerely, Bambi

I'm sorry, Bambi, but that's just not good enough. So what if Betty is a mature woman? At least she's not a minor, which, I might add, your kind seems to have a penchant for.

I know that Pansi is terrified I'll use the photographs because she just posted this flattering review of my blog. But I don't think anyone is fooled. We can all see through plastic. Her own profile says that she doesn't read.

In case you don't know what this is all about it's all been widely reported in the media:

Pansi: You get me Betty or else!


Note: If you're just surfing in here via Blogexplosion, welcome! I had a sudden 5000 credit windfall in Blogexplosion and I'm using some of it for this site, and some of it for the companion blog:


Roger Stevens said...

Listen - just be acreful. Some of those fictional cartoon characters sure pack a mean punch!

Roger Stevens said...

Not just acreful - but careful too!

Hobbes said...

I had nothing to do with that so-called review. Mrs. Weirsdo is hereby fired, and we are investigating the "Friendly's Effect" as I write.

Anonymous said...

5000 credits? Damn! I struggle to get above 50..!

(Surfed in via BlogExplosion.)

Indeterminacy said...

Roger: Don't worry. Betty will like me. I'll put on some old jazz records along with the whiskey and soda I give her.

Jem: I know. I really got lucky with that bonus. The trouble with the usual surfing is you can't save all the credits. They make you assign 75% of them.

Pansi: I can see that these negotiations are breaking down, so I'm going to give you an ultimatum. If you don't send Betty to me within four hour's time, I'm going to post one of the pictures.

Anonymous said...

All right, Mr. Indecency. Enough's enough. Why don't you just let my storm troopers know where you are, and we'll send Miss Boop over right away, word of honor.

Indeterminacy said...

Look Mr. Pete, I wasn't born yesterday.

1) I think your stormtroopers would be mentally challenged to find any geographical location I could give. This is overseas, remember?
2) Presidents never keep their promises, especially if they give their word of honor to keep them.
3) You can send Betty to Pansi's favorite chat room and I'll download her from there.

The Mushroom said...

TOON-TANG: wanting to have sex with a cartoon character.

Indie, in the name of all that is holy, don't get a yen for Betty Boop. She's old enough to be your grandma, seriously. There are still enough hotties in the Hanna-Barbera universe who don't get much press (never mind Velma & Daphne, what happened to Bubbles from 'Jabberjaw'?) for you to lust after.

Indeterminacy said...

Mush: I know all the H&B dames but they're just not my type. Betty Boop is the only one for me, and I'm becoming slightly irritated that she isn't here yet.

Indeterminacy said...

That's it Pansi. Time's up. I'm posting.

Tom & Icy said...

Icy saw Betty Boop and she was asking about you! She got nice legs!

Indeterminacy said...

Thanks Tom & Icy. I saw the photo. Please tell Betty, now that I've posted the photo and things are starting to unravel over there in Petesville that she can come away with me. I've got a bottle of vintage 1931 bootleg whiskey, the real McCoy.