Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"Look Sherry, you can borrow my reflection for the date," stated the blond whose cotton top of black and white stripes accentuated her curves in the most intriguing manner.

"Will it really work?" Sherry replied hopefully.

Lynn was the most experienced girl in the school, though the collective of her dangerously intense experiences was purely vicarious. Despite her seductive appearance, Lynn guarded her physical virtue like a vicious lioness guards her jungle bed.

"Of course it will work, Sherry. With two sexy auras coming out of you, your own and mine, that guy will be so stunned you can play with him like a Ken doll."

"Lynn, you awe me!" Sherry exclaimed.

Lynn smiled a smile wise in the ways of erotic. "Don't forget to signal me on my cell phone so I know when to take off my purity ring and slip into the passion trance. And don't forget our agreement. I'm doing this for the experience, you know. So make sure he gives you a lot of it."

Story #219


The Mushroom said...

I've heard of living serruptitiously through others, but this... The girl really should go herself, unless she's a believer in the phrase "let's not but say we did."

Jamie Dawn said...

In real life there are choices. Do I, or don't I? It's one all young people have to face. Lynne has a really unique opportunity here.

Indie: What's with all the women in the pics lately?
I think they must be what capture your interest. Well, there WAS hacker baby, so I guess you're off the hook.

annush said...

that really does reflect a number of really interesting possibilities.
I wish I could be myself and someone else at the same time.

sk8rn said...

From the air of your last several posts, I'd guess that your muse has not come back from out of town yet, eh? ;-)

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Truly interesting possibilities, in a world where more can be more!

-G.D. said...

Great post and blog. Will be back for a second gaze, or a third.

Anonymous said...

I, like, kinda think that Ken doll thing is offensive.

Indeterminacy said...

Mushroom: I wish I knew more about the characters I make up, and what they're thinking.

Jamie: You found me out. I like pretty girls. And I like sexy stories. But I do agree that it may have gotten a little imbalanced in the last three days. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Annush: Nice trick. It's done with mirrors.

sk8rn: Actually she's here. This is a muse certified story.

Barbara: I'm going to start carrying a pocket mirror around with me.

-g.d.: I'm glad you take eye candy from strangers. Thanks for the nice words.

Indeterminacy said...

Doo Doo man: Don't kick me in the shin.