Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dirk had caught her red handed. "You're fooling with the car, aren't you, Stella?" he confronted her.

"No, of course I'm not," she responded with false surprise, "I dropped a bracelet. I was looking for it." She turned her hand so that he could not see the grime on her fingers.

"You're lying. Because I know I saw you fondling the tire," he shot back, but he was bluffing. He wasn't sure what he'd seen, and he didn't want to believe he'd lost her to something mechanical.

Stella considered what to do. What to say. Did he know what she'd been up to, or was he just guessing? Had he noticed the drops of motor oil on her thighs? "Dirk, you know that no chassis can come between you and me," she stated in certain terms. But she was angry at having to justify herself.

Feeling slightly ashamed at his accusation Dirk deflected his gaze to the side. Stella used the opportunity to quickly slip her hand beneath the car for another feel of the metallic underbelly. It made something happen inside her. "No!" she screamed then. "I can't lie to you anymore. Just go away! I don't want you! It's your car. I want to hug it. To touch it. To feel the warm motor oil seeping onto my skin."

The force of her words crushed Dirk. He sputtered a few moments, trying to say something, then stormed off to do private battle with his sudden emotions. Stella inched her way under the car. "Alex? Are you still there," she called, touching tentatively in the dark space beneath the automobile. "I'm here," she heard the mechanic's guttural voice. "Let's start our threesome," she whispered to him.

Story #214


Cori said...

Ummm.... I can't resist this question..... Is Alex a stick-shift?

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness! You've definitely ventured into new territory with this one. I've heard of some weird attractions, but....a car?!? That lady needs some serious counseling. Maybe when she was little, there was a lot of violence in her household, and she would go and hide in the car for safety. I'm trying to understand her somehow, but it's not very easy.
I'll bet her dream is to own a Jiffy Lube.

sk8rn said...

A surprisingly seductive story for a rather bizarre photo.

M.P. said...

Hi there... Just to say HI! Have had not much time left for contributing with weekend stories but will try to participate next weekend! Hope you're doing well in spite of the hectic routine!**

ie said...
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ie said...

"a car completes a threesome" makes a pretty good tagline for just about any automobile.

be sure to have your iprs ready.

Indeterminacy said...

Cori: That question was below the belt. ;-)

Jamie: Or maybe someone took her for a ride on the autobahn once? If I were in counseling I would want it to be fun, and not serious, thought I admit, this is getting into some serious automotives here.

sk8rn: Always happy to seduce you. ;-) ;-)

M.P.: You're welcome here whenever you have time, and whenever you don't have time.

Nizoral: I never thought of it that way. My stories are too short to be filmed as movies, but maybe this one could be made into a commercial.

Cori said...


The Mushroom said...

This was rather autoerotic.

(surprised someone else didn't say it first...)

alix said...

DOH! mushroom did it!
good one, dude.

i'm *still* trying to figure out what the heck is going on in that picture!

ie said...

my mistake. i never thought of making films out of your stories. i actually was thinking about - and refering to - commercial taglines, the phrase the voice-over always say last.

imagine: toyata. a car completes a threesome. now that's a tagline. =)