Thursday, May 05, 2005

Laura was an amateur diva. Maybe she wouldn't be the heartthrob of millions of red-blooded males all over the world, or the secret desire of as many women longing for a new kind of adventure. But she was assured of the eye behind the camera taking her private picture. She focused on the photographer through the lens, thought of what a kiss with him would be like, parted her lips asymmetrically as a reaction to the playful idea, bent her knee upwards. His nerves were steady though he trembled inside. He wanted to throw the camera down and concentrate on her with all his senses. This he did, after the photo. Laura became his own personal diva, shared with no one, except the few people reading this.

Story #211


Jamie Dawn said...

I'm saddened for you for the loss of your cousin.

This just came to me immediately from that picture. Hope it's okay that I posted a story.

Esther was pretty sure of her abilities, so she locked herself in a small trunk, and told no one. She had been wowing people for years with her ability to escape from hand cuffs, chains, and locks, but these feats were always carefully pre-planned with no chance for error when performed. Was she really as good as she made others believe? After three days of searching, she was found in an old trunk in the attic, almost dehydrated to death. As they lifted her contorted body out, she whispered, "I...suck."

Indeterminacy said...

Thank you for your condolances.

I like your story. Thanks for sharing it!

The Mushroom said...

Elana had a natural talent to her poses, sort of a young Bettie Page with a dollop of Rita Moreno's spunk and exotic good looks. She could make others pout with her eyes. The only thing that was missing was a good camera, because the one she had could only focus when it was on the zoom setting, which meant the camera had to be 18-36 inches from its subject. It was for that reason that she could get her eyes and shoulders into her shots, but the world was for the time being unaware that the rest of her body existed.

Sk8RN said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your cousin (which I just read via the comments on this post). I hope you have lots of happy memories to help you through.j

As for this post - wow. I'm surprised the photo isn't blurry from the shaking of the photographer's hands.

Indeterminacy said...

Thank you Sk8rn for the thought.

viruswitch said...

I just read your story which is amazingly written, I liked it a lot.

Also from me sincere condolences.