Monday, May 16, 2005

Kamilla wanted to have some fun with her PC. She could get any guy she wanted, but a computer? That was a real challenge. Each function coming up on the monitor plodded her playfulness. A sultry urge made her slip to the floor and pounce upon the tower. She grasped the wires with her hand and administered a long set of toying caresses. The hardware felt it. It didn't know what it was doing now. Programs started and stopped without being called. Bits cycled themselves into a blur. She bent closer to involve her mouth in the process. The tower began to tremble as it felt kisses fondling along the cables, ever closer to the slots and connectors. Her hot breaths caused electricity to surge. There would be a meltdown soon. But before that could happen her tongue shot out hard, toggling the power switch to off. Kamilla could be a heartless tease sometimes.

Story #218

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The Mushroom said...

Gabriella figured it would be the perfect racket: If people were willing to pay for topless housecleaning, surely there was a market for a babe in a bikini doing computer repair. She had a couple MCSE certs and an A+, she was smarter than half of the guys in her networking classes, and everyone she knew either called her for fix-ups or (if the guys' egos couldn't handle a girl being more tech-savvy than them) advice and suggestions, so why shouldn't she just get her license and do it for money? Business picked up after she put pictures of herself in her 'work wear' on flyers. Some people's computers would break down practically weekly, it seemed, through no fault of her own, so she had no lack of work or paying customers. At first the comments about plugging things into ports and how big guys' hard drives were made her a bit uncomfortable, but she realized fairly quickly that this was just weak humor used by the technically inept to get past their having to take a backseat while someone else so intimidatingly pretty bailed them out. She started to like that power. If she took a dislike to someone, she'd exact a little spite on them via a little bit of spyware which would eventually grind their computer to a halt, and she'd get to be their hero while giving them a razzing about operating in an unsafe manner. If she liked someone, she'd optimize their system free of charge or tell them of neat tricks and tools to improve their computing experience.Gabriella liked it that guys would visibly try to speculate what was under that bikini, but the customers (both men and women) she liked the most were the ones who looked deeply into her eyes when she'd answer their questions -- they were trying to get a glimpse of her most sexy body part, her brain.

Angel! said...

Hey honey-wooss..., when I said that the mouse was trapped behind the desk, I meant the plastic thing and not the furry animal!!

Men these days.

Tom & Icy said...

Dark room with just the faint glow from the computer screen on young fingers like dancing in the moonlight on a keyboard. Childish giggle and rattle of plastic bracelets.
Adolescent face of girl spins around. Younger boy snickering with fingers on lightswitch by the door. The girl's lips move like, Turn it back off, in a whispering jab.
Young face turns back to glowing screen showing chat room. The boy's lips move like, You know you're not allowed! Finger over girl's lips with a shhhhh!
The boy is like, I'm gonna tell. The child turns waving her hands and shaking her head vigorously.
Footfalls on carpet hall. Adult woman's voice is like, Get back to bed Joey! More footfalls in hall, this time running. Rattle of chair.
Girl is trying to hide behind computer desk. A mother's stare and the child's pouting lips are like, I just dropped something. Mother's eyes reflect the computer screen's glow. Finger presses a switch on a plug strip. Mother's stare and child quickly scurries into bed. Footfalls across room mixed with Mother's voice that's like, We'll have a long talk about this in the morning. Goodnight dear.
Door closes. Footfalls down the hall. Sobbing from the bed and child's quivering voice is like, I'm in real trouble! No goodnight kiss!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

"Well, if that doesn't take the cake. Here I want to honor Pfc. Eric Schmidlap with my Live Strong bracelet, but when I put the bracelet on it cut my thumb off. I guess it dropped somewhere behind the computer. God, what an embarrassing position. I hope that butt banger doesn't come in now."

Courtney said...

Hoss (Old horsetail snake) is gonna make a fine addition to our group here. A little insanity always livens things up!

I can't think of a story; my mind is blank. But, this pic reminds me of a story about my son. We would play hide and seek, and he thought that just by covering his head that no one could see him. So he'd just sit on the couch or on the floor and cover his face with a pillow or blanket. Since he couldn't see us, then we must not be able to see him.

Kind of a dumb comment, I know. Hopefully, my brain will resume full operating ability soon.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Look, kid. You don't know how close you are to the truth. My present inclination is to come back as a Banana Slug, because they's so pretty, like me.

Courtney: Yeh, you can do better. I know you can't do worse. Heh. (Guess whether I'm kidding or not.)

Jamie Dawn said...

Good Lord, I made a huge mistake, and Courtney is mad at me.

The comment above in Courtney's name was really MY comment. I was using C's laptop and forgot to sign her out of blogspot.


Doug said...

Oh, dammit! Every time I get comfortable with someone, her husband comes home early. How did my clothes end up behind the desk? Where are my shoes? Why am I wearing women's underwear? Are these breasts?!?

M.P. said...

Hi.. Came to wish you a GREAT week! I've been too busy to do anything else.. but have even so upgraded my blogs... Do take care!:)

princessdominique said...

I lovvvvvvvvvve it!

roachz said...